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4. Content Enhancement Routine Expertise

Routines & Log

  • September 4, 2020 at 11:53 AM
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During my apprenticeship, I regularly implemented Course Organizer, Unit Organizer, Clarifying, Vocabulary LINCing and the Frame Routines.

I am a Professional Developer by trade and no longer in the classroom, I used them as part of my professional development. I found that they helped adult learners focus and it made the expectations very clear.

Additionally, my daughter, who has an identified learning disability was in high school at the time and I used them with her quite extensively, as well. The benefit to her phenomenal. The connector lines on the Unit and Course Organizers gave her the language to form complete thoughts around the subjects she was studying and allowed her to connect and organize the details to the big picture. The routines absolutely allowed her to be successful in high school and she even used them in college.