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Has successfully completed all requirements and qualifications to be a SIM Content Enhancement Professional Developer.

Approved by Janet Atallah, SIM Professional Development Leader.
CEPPDI FL June, 2016 (SIM PDs:  Atallah, Cooke, Mulock, & McCann)   
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1. Apprenticeship Reflection

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Describe your experience with the certification process. Identify the Institute you attended. Include highlights and useful take aways from the Institute and apprenticeship. More Info

SIM PPDI on June 20 - 24, 2016 in Altamonte Springs, Florida

My Content Enhancement PPDI was coordinated by Alice Schmitges, FDLRS Administration Project and had multiple speakers, who were all amazing! Our Lead PDers were Elaine McCann and Debbie Cooke. Both took the time to meet with each participant individually and offer insight into what was working well and what could be improved upon. I appreciated the time to reflect on my presentation and then to be able to think about how I would improve it moving forward. For example, one of Elaine's suggestions was that I might think about putting in slides that allow time for participants to ask questions reminding me to stop and prompt them. It was a practice that I began implementing immediately after that and still do today.

2. Co-Plan and Co-Instruct

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• Apprentices co-plan and either present or co-present one SIM Overview and two CERs with an active SIM Professional Developer. • Post: Presentation used (such as Power Point), Planning agenda, Select observation notes provided by the SIM Professional Developer as feedback, PD session evaluation More Info

Link for PowerPoint presentations for: - SIM Overview - Course Organizer & Session Evaluations - Unit Organizer & Session Evaluations


5. Portfolio

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3. Frequently Asked Questions Assignment

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• To prepare potential professional developers in SIM Learning Strategies to answer difficult questions that are often asked at SIM PD sessions, Apprentices submit responses to 15 of 30 SIM Frequently Asked Questions. • Post reflection about how answering the FAQs has helped you prepare. More Info

4. Content Enhancement Routine Expertise

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• Provide the names of any CER that you implemented as part of your apprenticeship experience • Post evidence that relates to new learning, increased knowledge, and/or skills you have developed during this process More Info

Routines & Log

During my apprenticeship, I regularly implemented Course Organizer, Unit Organizer, Clarifying, Vocabulary LINCing and the Frame Routines.

I am a Professional Developer by trade and no longer in the classroom, I used them as part of my professional development. I found that they helped adult learners focus and it made the expectations very clear.

Additionally, my daughter, who has an identified learning disability was in high school at the time and I used them with her quite extensively, as well. The benefit to her phenomenal. The connector lines on the Unit and Course Organizers gave her the language to form complete thoughts around the subjects she was studying and allowed her to connect and organize the details to the big picture. The routines absolutely allowed her to be successful in high school and she even used them in college.

5. Professional Learning Plan

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• Develop a written plan for implementation of SIM in your department/school/division/region/state. • Include initial PD, instructional coaching, and technical assistance for administrators to ensure infrastructure support More Info

6. Data Driven Planning

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Create a written plan demonstrating use of student data to determine selection of SIM instructional tools or interventions. More Info

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7. Any Additional Evidence (Optional)

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• Provide evidence of your apprenticeship experiences that you wish to share (such as coaching data, interview with a teacher, etc.) More Info

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