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Has successfully completed all requirements and qualifications to be a SIM Content Enhancement Professional Developer.

Approved by Helen Barrier, SIM Professional Development Leader.
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Badge Portfolio

1. Apprenticeship Reflection

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Describe your experience with the certification process. Identify the Institute you attended. Include highlights and useful take aways from the Institute and apprenticeship. More Info

I have been working with SIM as a potential developer for 2 years.

My mentor is Susanne Croasdaile.  Her email is sscroasdaile@vcu.edu. I am a teacher and have been working with these routines for 3.5 years.  I first went to training for SIM and began using the routines in our classroom on September 25, 2014.

2. Co-Plan and Co-Instruct

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• Apprentices co-plan and either present or co-present one SIM Overview and two CERs with an active SIM Professional Developer. • Post: Presentation used (such as Power Point), Planning agenda, Select observation notes provided by the SIM Professional Developer as feedback, PD session evaluation More Info

3. Frequently Asked Questions Assignment

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• To prepare potential professional developers in SIM Learning Strategies to answer difficult questions that are often asked at SIM PD sessions, Apprentices submit responses to 15 of 30 SIM Frequently Asked Questions. • Post reflection about how answering the FAQs has helped you prepare. More Info

Link to frequently asked questions

Google Docs

FAQs - Elizabeth Graham Lau

Elizabeth Lau Strategic Instruction Model Study Guide for Potential Professional Developers - Frequently Asked Questions Content Enhancement 1. Teachers feel pressure to deliver large quantities of content to students in a short period of time. A great concern is that students experience meani...

4. Content Enhancement Routine Expertise

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• Provide the names of any CER that you implemented as part of your apprenticeship experience • Post evidence that relates to new learning, increased knowledge, and/or skills you have developed during this process More Info

Content Enhancement Routines

  • Course Organizer Routine
  • Unit Organizer Routine
  • Clarifying Routine
  • Framing Routine
  • Vocabulary LINCing Routine
  • Concept Anchoring Routine
  • Concept Comparison Routine
  • Question Exploration Routine
  • The Teaching Cause and Effect Routine

5. Professional Learning Plan

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• Develop a written plan for implementation of SIM in your department/school/division/region/state. • Include initial PD, instructional coaching, and technical assistance for administrators to ensure infrastructure support More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement

6. Data Driven Planning

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Create a written plan demonstrating use of student data to determine selection of SIM instructional tools or interventions. More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement

7. Any Additional Evidence (Optional)

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• Provide evidence of your apprenticeship experiences that you wish to share (such as coaching data, interview with a teacher, etc.) More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement

Required Readings

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Has read the following required articles. More Info

Completed Readings during apprenticeship

1. Bulgren, J.A, Deshler, D.D., Schumaker, J.B, & Lenz, B.K. (2000).  The use and effectiveness of analogical instruction in diverse secondary content classrooms.  Journal of Educational Psychology.   
2. Bulgren, J.A., & Lenz, B.K (1996).  Strategic instruction in the content areas.  In D.D. Deshler, E.S. Ellis, & B.K. Lenz (Eds.), Teaching Adolescents with Learning Disabilities; Strategies and Methods.  (2nd ed,. pp. 409-473).  Denver: Love Publishing.
3. Bulgren, J.A., Schumaker, J.B., & Deshler, D.D. (1988).  Effectiveness of a concept teaching routine in enhancing the performance of LD students in secondary-level mainstream classes.  Learning Disabilities Quarterly, 11(1), 3-17. 4.  Lenz, B.K., Alley, G.R., & Schumaker, J.B. (1987).  Activating the inactive learner.  Advance organizers in the secondary content classroom.  Learning Disabilities Quarterly, 10(1), 53-67.   
5. Lenz, B.K., & Scanlon, D. (1998). SMARTER Teaching: Developing Accommodations to Reduce Cognitive Barriers to Learning for Individuals with Learning Disabilities.  Perspectives, 24(3), 16-19.   
6. Schumaker, J.B., Deshler, D.D., McKnight, Philip C.  Ensuring success in the secondary general education curriculum through the use of teaching routines.  Interventions for Achievement and Behavior Problems, (29), 791-823.
7. Tralli, R., Colombo, B., Deshler, D.D. & Schumaker, J.B. (1996).  The strategies intervention model: A model for supported inclusion at the secondary level. Remedial and Special Education, 17(4), 207-216.   

KUCRL Strategram  Articles 
1.    April 92 Vol 4 (4) Planning for Concept Instruction 
2.   June 92 Vol 4 (5) Concept Teaching Routine April 93 Vol 5 (4) Analogical Anchoring: Part 1 
3.   May 93 Vol 5 (5) Analogical Anchoring: Part 2 
4.   March 94 Vol 6 (3) Lesson Organizer Routine 
5.   April 94 Vol 6 (4) Quality Assignment Routine: Part 1 
6.   June 94 Vol 6 (6) Quality Assignment Routine: Part 2 
7.   May 95 Vol 7 (5) Unit Organizer Routine 
8.   December 96 Vol 9 (1) Survey Routine 
9.   August 97 Vol 9 (5) Routines to Strengthen Learning 
10. April 98 Vol 10 (3) The Clarifying Routine 
11. August 98 Vol 10 (5) Using the Quality Assignment Routine 
12. September 99 Vol 12 (1) The Framing Routine 
13. May 00 Vol 12 (5) Raising Questions About Questions 
14. August 00 Vol 12 (6) Combating Coverage 
15. June 02 Vol 14 (4) Concept Comparsion 
16. August 03 March 04 Vol 15 (5) Vol 16 (2) Course Organizer Question Exploration 

KUCRL Stratenotes Articles  
1.  Summer 94 Vol 2 (9)  A Preview of the New Unit Organizer Routine 
2.  May 96 Vol 4 (8) What’s Simple about Enhancers? 
3.  March 97 Vol 5 (6) Special Issue: Content Enhancement 
4.  May 98 Vol 6 (8) Using the Unit Organizer for Curriculum Mapping 
5.  December 98 Vol 7 (3) Tools for Remembering Principles 
6.  March 01 Vol 9 (6) Smarter Planning 

Apprenticeship Portfolio

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The professional portfolio contains the summary and evidence collected throughout the apprenticeship. More Info