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4. Content Enhancement Routine Expertise

I have Vocabulary LINCing badge 3 micro-credentialing.

  • September 18, 2020 at 2:05 PM
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Vocabulary LINCing Implementation Donni Davis-Perry   I partnered in a middle school, co-taught classroom in an urban school district.  The school is currently unaccredited by VDOE. The group of students I facilitated with the SIM Vocabulary LINCing Routine was comprised of general education and special education students. There was one girl and three boys, all sixth grade students. During their initial introduction, the students took two 30 minute class sessions to engage in the strategy for four new vocabulary words.  This has become faster as they become more familiar with the routine.   Using the routine overall went very well.  The students learned with the initial instruction the process for using the device.  The second session went smoother-with students wanting to work independently. One student with autism got a little 'stuck' on developing reminding words. He wanted to use a reminding word that didn't fit the 'criteria' but felt like it was the only word that would trigger him remembering the word/definition.  He used his word initially, but eventually softened as he saw other students' work and their reminding words.  He actually created a reminding phrase.  The students enjoyed the process and were excited about how well they did on their assessment.  They were eager to use it again with different vocabulary words.  The only challenge was that the kids worked at different rates, some finishing very early.  After introducing and teaching the routine, I was able to allow them to work independently or in pairs so they could have as much or little time as they needed to complete the process.  This was the main adjustment needed to support the kids in their learning. We continue to use the routine in the classroom.  Additional students are cycling through the SIM ‘station’ and learning the routine. I have used the strategy on two days in November and two days in December. I plan to continue to use it through the rest of the year. When asked, 100% of the students have been able to recall the definition of all the vocabulary words they learned.