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Has successfully completed all requirements and qualifications to be a SIM Content Enhancement Professional Developer.

Approved by Helen Barrier, SIM PD Leader.
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1. Apprenticeship Reflection

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Describe your experience with the certification process. Identify the Institute you attended. Include highlights and useful take aways from the Institute and apprenticeship. More Info

I attended the institute in June 2019. My mentor was Helen Barrier. Jocelyn Washburn provided support as well.

  I started SIM apprenticeship in June of 2019 until June 2020. I feel like my mentor will be able to support me into the future.  The experience at the SIM™ institute last summer exceeded all expectations.  The presenters were well prepared.  They led by example and careful attention was paid to every detail of learning.  I immediately wanted to be able to offer my future participants a similar experience. Helen Barrier is my mentor.  She has so much expertise and is always willing to share her experience and information.  She supported me through planning and delivering my first few presentations and overviews.  Helen is always available to talk through concerns and brainstorm ideas for overcoming perceived hurdles.  The feedback she provides help me grow as a presenter, teacher, and learner.  She has a way of distilling a lot of information into what is most essential to understand.  I was able to integrate her confirming and corrective feedback into future SIM™ presentations.  I always hear her voice whispering in my ear, nudging me to remember the principles of adult learning and think of creative ways to engage my participants. Jocelyn Washburn was able to provide support through planning and presenting a SIM™ presentation and overview.  Jocelyn has a wealth of experience and knowledge.  She helped with resources and ideas for the presentation.  She walked me through what paperwork was need to turn in and where to access it.  Her down to earth personality makes her easy to approach when questions arise.  Her feedback and insights helped me grow as a professional.

2. Co-Plan and Co-Instruct

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• Apprentices co-plan and either present or co-present one SIM Overview and two CERs with an active SIM Professional Developer. • Post: Presentation used (such as Power Point), Planning agenda, Select observation notes provided by the SIM Professional Developer as feedback, PD session evaluation More Info

Power point presentation for SIM overview and Vocabulary LINCing


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3. Frequently Asked Questions Assignment

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• To prepare potential professional developers in SIM Learning Strategies to answer difficult questions that are often asked at SIM PD sessions, Apprentices submit responses to 15 of 30 SIM Frequently Asked Questions. • Post reflection about how answering the FAQs has helped you prepare. More Info

4. Content Enhancement Routine Expertise

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• Provide the names of any CER that you implemented as part of your apprenticeship experience • Post evidence that relates to new learning, increased knowledge, and/or skills you have developed during this process More Info

I have Vocabulary LINCing badge 3 micro-credentialing.

Vocabulary LINCing Implementation Donni Davis-Perry   I partnered in a middle school, co-taught classroom in an urban school district.  The school is currently unaccredited by VDOE. The group of students I facilitated with the SIM Vocabulary LINCing Routine was comprised of general education and special education students. There was one girl and three boys, all sixth grade students. During their initial introduction, the students took two 30 minute class sessions to engage in the strategy for four new vocabulary words.  This has become faster as they become more familiar with the routine.   Using the routine overall went very well.  The students learned with the initial instruction the process for using the device.  The second session went smoother-with students wanting to work independently. One student with autism got a little 'stuck' on developing reminding words. He wanted to use a reminding word that didn't fit the 'criteria' but felt like it was the only word that would trigger him remembering the word/definition.  He used his word initially, but eventually softened as he saw other students' work and their reminding words.  He actually created a reminding phrase.  The students enjoyed the process and were excited about how well they did on their assessment.  They were eager to use it again with different vocabulary words.  The only challenge was that the kids worked at different rates, some finishing very early.  After introducing and teaching the routine, I was able to allow them to work independently or in pairs so they could have as much or little time as they needed to complete the process.  This was the main adjustment needed to support the kids in their learning. We continue to use the routine in the classroom.  Additional students are cycling through the SIM ‘station’ and learning the routine. I have used the strategy on two days in November and two days in December. I plan to continue to use it through the rest of the year. When asked, 100% of the students have been able to recall the definition of all the vocabulary words they learned.

5. Professional Learning Plan

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• Develop a written plan for implementation of SIM in your department/school/division/region/state. • Include initial PD, instructional coaching, and technical assistance for administrators to ensure infrastructure support More Info

6. Data Driven Planning

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Create a written plan demonstrating use of student data to determine selection of SIM instructional tools or interventions. More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement

7. Any Additional Evidence (Optional)

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• Provide evidence of your apprenticeship experiences that you wish to share (such as coaching data, interview with a teacher, etc.) More Info