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4. Content Enhancement Routine Expertise

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• Provide the names of any CER that you implemented as part of your apprenticeship experience • Post evidence that relates to new learning, increased knowledge, and/or skills you have developed during this process
  • Provide the names of CER that you implemented as part of your apprenticeship experience.
  • Post a description of implementation with one of the LS taught through a narrative reflection log.

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Additional routines not posted on the list above

Recall Enhancement Routine
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Authentic classroom experience since 2001 and Certified CE Professional Developer since 2012.

Authentic classroom experience and PD experience teaching and coaching  teachers for implementation in the following Routines:
Course Organizer
Unit Organizer
Framing Routine
Vocabulary LINCing Routine
Clarifying Routine
Concept Mastery Routine
Concept Comparison Routine
Concept Anchoring Routine
The Question Exploration Routine
Assignment Completion Routine

Small kagan 20head 20shot 202 mulock Almost 5 years ago

Worked with Janice Creneti for 2 years. School year 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Became a trainer under Janet Attalah August 2014.

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Concept Mastery Vocabulary Linking Course Organizer Unit Organizer Frame Routine Clarifying Routine

Concept Mastery 
Vocabulary Linking 
Course Organizer 
Unit Organizer 
Frame Routine 
Clarifying Routine 

Small 2c2f7b8241bcb4ce80eb626467e82929 schmitgesh About 5 years ago

Extensive Experience

I am willing to provide professional development on any of the Content Enhancement Routines. I have the most experience with the Course and Unit Organizers Routines, Concept Trilogy Routines, Question Exploration Routine, Framing Routine, Vocabulary LINCing Routine, ORDER Routine, Quality Assignment Routine, and Clarifying Routine.
Small jocelyn picture jwashburn About 5 years ago


CEPD June 2010
Small 7c72984841a5d91757a8098969e1b59d jeromeharper About 5 years ago


The routines I have experience in presenting include Frame, Unit Organizer, and Comparison.  I also used these three routines in my National Board Certification.
Small 60a18a2aa4b28bbc0034cc5d2d2a271f lesleymerritt68 About 5 years ago

Unit Organizer, Concept Comparision, Frame

Small 2ee0de091058505eb0bca1237b2b33a9 ksadler About 5 years ago

PPD Summary

As an apprentice to becoming a Certified SIM Content Enhancement Professional Developer, I have worked closely with the Raise Up TX project to complete the included requirements: serving as an instructional coach for both CER & LS, successfully presenting the SIM overview, co-presenting two CER, and by participating in SIM network meetings and workshops. Serving as the Raise Up TX Campus Instructional Coach on two Austin ISD campuses, I have effectively created a learning partnership with teachers. By focusing on Jim Knight’s principles, specifically the principle of ‘Equality’ (because I am also an 8th grade Science Teacher), I relate to their challenges and collaborate on how SIM CER offer solutions. The opportunities to present at multiple different SIM workshops were challenging, but also extremely rewarding. With each presentation, I was able to demonstrate my increasing knowledge of SIM, and share multiple perspectives on how to engage success with CER. I created a Prezi for the SIM overview during the PPDI, and have modified it for specific SIM workshops of different audiences and campus values. The one included in my portfolio has specific school colors and vision statement for LaGrange HS. The FRAME Routine was a half day presentation at the end of a multiple day Strategic Tutoring Workshop. In preparation, I wanted to provide them with enough information about using the device with fidelity, but also encourage them to make their own decisions on how this routine could be used specifically in the tutorial setting. To do this I incorporated several different opportunities for dialogue and voice; participates were extremely reflective and felt free to speak their minds.  This has been an amazing experience and opportunity for me to grow as an educator as well as becoming a professional developer.  As I reach the end of my apprentice year, I am motivated now more than ever to continue supporting teachers as we use SIM to enrich the learning and change the lives of students across central Texas. Thank you for taking the time to review this portfolio of accomplishments.      
Frances Zoe Jones, Raise Up TX Campus Instructional Coach 
Small 95930aeb8e7f90c59da416b654f75055 zoejones About 5 years ago

I have taught several CER sessions to both pre service and inservice teachers. I have learned from the expertise of my advisors.

Small 4cf3f0f73872b1fa01557c6a5f30de4a reddingas Over 5 years ago

Below is my preference list

Question Exploration Routine
Frame Routine
Vocabulary LINCing Routine
Course, Unit, Lesson Organizers
Concept Anchoring

Small 3f83ef627725bcca6f2661100d7d293e cschnied Over 5 years ago

The CERs for which I am most comfortable providing professional development:

Content Enhancement Overview; Course Organizer, Unit Organizer, and Lesson Organizer;  Concept Mastery, Concept Comparison; FRAME, Vocabulary LINCing;  Question Exploration;

Small 005720cc62236f5884fbbd0c2a970237 kbgast Over 5 years ago