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Upload evidence to support your PD institute application for this micro-credential.


Brent Okrainetz


Awarded badge on October 16, 2015

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Has successfully completed all requirements and qualifications to be a SIM Content Enhancement Apprentice.

Completed CEPPDI Institute in Canada in 2004.
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SIM CER Implementation Experience

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• Provide names of any CER you’ve taught. • Upload your completed PD institute application. • Insert the link to any micro-credentials for which you have achieved Specialist “Expert” status. More Info

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Compile a Portfolio

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• Post link to an e-portfolio including: -Teacher-generated copies of 2 CER devices o Two devices constructed by two different students for each teacher device posted (should be written in the students’ handwriting or if typed, show variation from the original teacher device as evidence of co-const More Info

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Video Cue-Do-Review

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• Insert link(s) to your Level 2 FI micro-credential(s) OR Submit a classroom video demonstrating the use of the Cue-Do-Review instructional sequence while teaching a Content Enhancement Routine with a link to your video from Vimeo or another site. Video should show the entire model. (If students ar More Info

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Letters of Reference and Support

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• Share the Reference Letter provided by an administrator to support your participation in the PD institute and while completing post-institute requirements. • Share the Letter of Support provided by your SIM Mentor (a SIM Professional Developer). More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement