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Use the Concept Diagram Routinely

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Use the Concept Diagram routinely with a group or class. Follow the Go! and Win! sections of the guidebook.
Use the Concept Diagram routinely with a group or class.  Follow the Go!  (pp. 27 - 29) and the Win! (pp. 30 - 31 sections of the guidebook).

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Use Routinely

I have used the Concept Mastery Routine for a number of years in a variety of settings.  As a special education teacher, I used Concept Mastery in co-taught classes for math  and biology. In my current position as a project coordinator for the Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC) at RU, I work with administrators and teachers to provide professional development and support to assist schools in addressing accountability and improvement goals for students with disabilities. I have used the Concept Mastery Routine for several professional development sessions to help teachers review and explore a number of different topics.I also work as adjunct faculty at Radford University and I used Concept Mastery with a class I taught this past fall.
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The Concept Mastery Routine has been beneficial to diverse learners in the classroom.

I was trained to use the Concept Mastery Routine while taking a graduate level class at Radford University in the fall of 2013.  Since learning this routine, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with my co-teachers in English, Biology, and Life Science to incorporate ways to implement its use.  The Concept Mastery Routine enhances a student's ability to understand new concepts, think about difficult information by connecting to prior knowledge, and prompts the creation of good/working definitions of the concept.
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Future use of the Concept Diagram

I look forward to using the Concept Diagram more frequently throughout the school year next year to provide students with a unique study skill and more opportunities to master the structure of Content Enhancement Routines. I am confident I will become more comfortable with the Routine with more practice. 
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Use in the classroom

I plan to use the Concept Diagram to review units of study from my English classroom.  For example, after I teach poetry, I plan to review various examples of poetry, sound devices that may be present, and figurative language that can be found in poems.
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Use in the classroom

I plan to use the concept mastery routine when my students when reviewing previously taught materials.  I also think this could be helpful for students to generate ideas about a writing topic.
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I use this technique at the end of a lesson to help students see how the details of a concept are connected.

I use this technique at the end of a lesson to help students see how the details of a concept are connected. I can see if there is any piece that is missing or if the students have any misconceptions.  By enlarging the  concept map, students could sort the various pictures of functions/not functions then glue them down  for a study guide.
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The Concept Mastery Routine has been used consistently in our collaborative classroom (Earth Science) for thos topics that are appropriate

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We have used this concept diagram a few times when reviewing for benchmarks or tests.

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We have used this routine a few times. We use it for review on certain concepts.

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Concept Mastery Routine works with students and adults.

I have used the Concept Mastery Routine effectively with both students and adults throughout a variety of settings.  With students, I used it in a 7th grade U.S. History class to review before a test on immigration.  Students in this class developed the diagram with the general education teacher and me about the concept of immigration.  This was an honors class with a number of students with IEPs.  It was an effective tool for class with such a variety of needs and learning styles.  The students were engaged in the lesson and it helped the students verbalize the concept in a new way.  I have also used the diagram in a co-taught 7th grade English class to review external text structures.  Students in this class also had a variety of strengths, and they found the tool to be helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of the concept.

With adults, Susan and I used the diagram to map the concepts of linear equations to be used in Algebra and the concept of listening to be used in all classes.  The concept of linear equations was a very specific concept, and all teachers felt they gained new knowledge by breaking down such a challenging concept.  The concept of listening, was more challenging to come up with a definition for, because it is such a broad topic.  However, the teachers did have fun trying to create a diagram on this topic.
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We constructed several concept diagrams, and the students used these diagrams as rubrics to grade SOL prompts.

Concept Diagram: Essay Writing_Hodges/Hall_HVMS

Mrs. Hodges and I implemented the concept diagram to reinforce the written expression/composition expectations of an essay. During the co-construction phase, students were engaged and making meaningful connections. The following days, students were still able to recall essential characteristics of the concept diagram which was very exciting for Mrs. Hodges and myself. Mrs. Hodges and I will be using the concept diagram this week to reinforce the usage/mechanics expectations of essay writing. 
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