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Log: •What went well - Why? •What was a challenge - Why? •What you will do next time •What adjustments you made •Ideas generated for issues encountered •Etc._Post your log._*****Optional: Submit a Student Interview (interview a student about usefulness and implementation)*****
Log: What went well - Why?
What was a challenge - Why?
What you will do next time
What adjustments you made
Ideas generated for issues encountered

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Overall, I think my students liked the Concept Mastery Routine because it allowed them to revisit and review the topic of intellectual disability that I had been covering for most of a three hour class that night.  I think the most beneficial piece for them was distinguishing the always present characteristics and the never present characteristics as this really solidified their understanding of what defines an intellectual disability.  A challenge in regards to the concept diagram was co-constructing the key words list to be used in the diagram.  I always find that I want to just provide this piece, but it is more effective when the students are generating their own list with me.  Something I might do differently the next time I use this with a class is have them break into groups and come up with some ideas for the key words, then brainstorm as a class the ideas they generated in their groups. 
Small 813093fa5c8ab273d5520952859bad96 s-graham About 2 years ago

The Concept Mastery Routine can be used with students of all ages.

I love using content enhancement routines to engage learning in the classroom.  I believe that any of these routines provides a student with another tool to organize information in a more efficient manner that may support/impact learning.  I have taught in the elementary, middle, high, and now the college level.  I can say that all learners can benefit from the Concept Mastery Routine.  

The University 100 course transitions students into college life; academically and socially.  My job is to teach them how to be successful.  Using the Concept Mastery Routine supported my efforts to express the importance of good study habits to their overall college experience.

I did learn that, as a special education teacher by design, I am used to motivating learners and now I am in a community at the university level of motivated learners that 20 minutes is still not enough time to get it all done.  I had a practice piece for them to complete, but we did not get to it during my time that I was being recorded.  I wanted to get to the definition since that was more important.  My point is, as teachers, we are always adapting, always tweaking, making changes on the fly.  Overall, the Concept Mastery Routine is beneficial to students of all ages. 
Small 010fe52aee0a6d5348f0b7e88a8602e8 kjessie Over 2 years ago

There were things that went well for the students and some challenges.

There were some things that went well for the students and myself and there were also many challenges. The things that went well were all four students were proficient with the functions concept and prepared for the test later that week. Also, the students were actively engaged and it was not difficult to pull information or vocabulary from their individual memory banks. The challenges faced were I had to repeat the concept diagram three times because of distractions coming into the room, technology, and messing up individually myself at first. Next time I will make sure my door is locked and no one is able to come in to distract myself or the other students during the concept review. I also would like to have more time to implement the diagram. I think it would be beneficial to generate one over a few days and add as we go rather than all at once. I think it could be utilized to learn a new concept rather than review.
Small 0d80ff982f1cd5ee7e268dc5e4409e1c mindy2610 Over 2 years ago

Overall, the implementation was successful.

At first, students were reluctant to respond to the teacher prompts; however, once we supplied them with examples of items to place in the diagram, they caught on and succeeded with supplying information that defined the reading concept of text organization patterns.  Next time, I might have a warm-up that will introduce the idea to review their background knowledge so they aren't "stumped" in the beginning.
Small c234421c7e851a2f747a687d53d89e93 gyoriteach Almost 3 years ago

Overall, the concept mastery routine has been successful in our classroom.

Overall, the concept mastery routine has been successful in our classroom.  Our students were able to review and generate ideas regarding organizational text patterns.  I liked that this shifted more of the conversation to the students and required more active participation.  I think this particular organizer is not as well suited to English as it is to content classes, however we have still found ways to incorporate it into our classroom.  I hope to gain additional badges in the future to use with my students, such as Lincing and Frame.
Small 32687dd49553ca789806744c56e625a2 lwalker82 Almost 3 years ago


Concept Mastery MapTypes of Clouds
Date of Lesson: February 23, 2017Location: William Monroe High School - Kate Martin and Maribeth LoweSubject: Earth ScienceSOL Standard: ES12Lesson: Types of Clouds- Stratus Clouds

This lesson is a culminating activity for reinforcement of cloud typologies in our unit covering the water in the atmosphere.  Overall, students were engaged, following along and we approve of this modeling routine for improvement of  study skills and vocabulary development.
Throughout the day we selected a different cloud type to define via the concept mastery routine- cirrus, stratus, or cumulus.  However, each diagram will share two major concepts from this unit: that clouds are water vapor which has condensed upon a condensation nuclei.  
We thought that this lesson was effective in defining cloud types, however the “example” sections of the mastery routine can be a bit convoluted.  We talked around it so as not to confuse our students, but we were led to wonder if teachers need to use the “example” section every time.  Can this template be modified in any way to best outline the chosen topic?  Some topics with very specific rules are made for using the concept mastery routine.  For example, in a previous lesson we used the concept diagram to define the nature of minerals.  
Small zedha 20firelight mkalowe Almost 3 years ago

Concept Mastery Reflection/log

I found this concept diagram very beneficial when reviewing. It gives a clear picture of what the kids know and understand when reviewing.

Small 04a4cc76362e0f5e21e7c0e265eff5fb brennanarney Almost 3 years ago

My reflection

Small 04a4cc76362e0f5e21e7c0e265eff5fb brennanarney Almost 3 years ago

Mundy Personal Reflection

Reflection Log

I was approached by a history teacher who really wanted to see how the concept mastery routine could be implemented in her class.  She invited me to be a guest teacher for the block.  This created some challenges and interesting successes.  I do not typically teacher history, so I was coming into the class as the strategy expert for this lesson.  The history teacher and I worked together to create a draft of the diagram prior to the lesson with the students.  She was vital in creating this diagram, because I am not the content expert.  After creating the draft, I felt as though I had a good enough grasp of the concept to be able to teach it.  

When it came time to implement the routine with the class, I came in as an unknown teacher to most of the students.  I was surprised at how engaged they were in the lesson given the lack of a relationship with me.  Having the content expert there to guide them and help with the discussion aspect of the lesson was invaluable.  This may not have been the easiest way to implement the routine, but it was a fun challenge to try it with a subject, teacher, and students that I typically do not work with.  It really shows the power of the routine because it was a successful lesson despite the roadblocks.
Small 63e1b9d9a29df5493fb15048cbe5efd5 tweis Almost 3 years ago

See summary below

The students understand the process of completing a concept diagram.  The hardest part for the children is the non-examples, but as we practice they get better.  We are also learning to chunk information to put it in the diagram.  
Small 6a63c60785800e95f53c6aa09cdf9510 amyhodges Almost 3 years ago