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Implementation Portfolio

I have used the Concept Mastery Routine for a number of years in a variety of settings.  As a special education teacher, I used  Concept Mastery in co-taught classes for math  and biology.  The class size was typically between 15 and 20 students with approximately one-third of the students receiving special education services.

In my current position as a project coordinator for the Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC) at RU, I work with administrators and teachers to provide professional development and support to assist schools in addressing accountability and improvement goals for students with disabilities. I have used the Concept Mastery Routine for several professional development sessions to help teachers review and explore a number of different topics.  The group size typically ranges from 15 to 40 participants. 

I also work as adjunct faculty at Radford University and I used Concept Mastery with a class I taught this past fall. The class had fourteen students and they are enrolled in the education program at RU. The students used the diagrams to review the topic of intellectual disability and it also served as a review tool for a test they were taking on this topic.  Samples of their completed concept diagrams can be found in a link below as well as my co-constructed concept diagram.

Small 813093fa5c8ab273d5520952859bad96 s-graham About 2 years ago

Here are student examples of the Study Skills Concept Diagram being completed in a 50 minute University 100 class.

A Concept Mastery Routine developed for freshman at the University level to understand the importance of Mindfulness.

The Concept Mastery Routine I created for my University 100 students to understand the importance of good study skills.

A Concept Mastery Routine my co-teacher and I used in Biology to teach heredity.

A Concept Mastery Routine I developed for my University 100 students for their midterm project to understand proper etiquette.

Implemented with 8th grade Special Education Pre-Algebra students

This particular concept diagram was implemented with 8th grade Special Education/ regular students for a Pre-Algebra review. The group of students was a small group review of 4 students. The levels of the students ranged from proficient to still needing assistance to grasp the content. Two of the students were special education in Math and two were not. This concept diagram review took one bell of 45 minutes.
Small 0d80ff982f1cd5ee7e268dc5e4409e1c mindy2610 Over 2 years ago

Class demographics

The group is in an inclusion setting with a class of a total of 24 students.  Thirteen of the twenty-four are special education students.  The length of the implementation of the text organization patterns concept diagram was one class period of 45 minutes.  
Small c234421c7e851a2f747a687d53d89e93 gyoriteach Almost 3 years ago

See Below

Class information:
8th grade inclusion English
25 total students
12 students with disabilities (LD, OHI, OI)
This lesson was implemented over the course of one 45 minute class period.
Small 32687dd49553ca789806744c56e625a2 lwalker82 Almost 3 years ago

This was a subgroup of my larger class

This was a group of 6 students that were pulled from my co-taught 8th grade general math class. Two of the students were students with learning disabilities, 3 were average and 1 was low average. This was a one day lesson that was a review for the test.  Artifacts are included in the video
Small photo betsey-batten Almost 3 years ago

Portfolio information

We co-teach 5 sections of Earth Science - mostly 9th grade students.  Class sizes are small - our largest class is 21 students - with a ratio of Special Education students to General Education student at around 30%.  There are also ELL students in 3 of our 5 co-taught classes.

We have been using the Concept Mastery Routine for 5 months in our classroom.  Our greatest success with this diagram has been with concepts which have finite numbers of characteristics, and definite definitions.

Link to successful Concept Mastery Diagram:
Small zedha 20firelight mkalowe Almost 3 years ago

Implementation Portfolio

I used the concept mastery routine with our organizations coaching community of practice.  We wanted to discuss what coaching is and develop a definition.  We have 8 members in the coaching community of practice, 10 people total including Mary Stowe my coach and myself. We used the concept diagram once during our one hour meeting.  We post the co-created definition during our subsequent meetings. 
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