Medium sim ce fidelity Concept Mastery Routine (FI)

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Post the date you completed the requirements for this micro-credential.

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Small 2f1713e416612a43573385b3195cf34c abray About 1 year ago

Completed 1/25/18

Small 813093fa5c8ab273d5520952859bad96 s-graham About 2 years ago

I completed the requirements for Fidelity of Implementation on 9/26/2017.

I have completed the requirements for the Fidelity of Implementation for the Concept Mastery Routine on 9/26/2017.
Small 010fe52aee0a6d5348f0b7e88a8602e8 kjessie Over 2 years ago

The completion date for this badge was June 23, 2017.

The completion of this concept mastery enhancement badge was on June 23, 2017.
Small 0d80ff982f1cd5ee7e268dc5e4409e1c mindy2610 Over 2 years ago

Completion Date

April 27, 2017 was the date that all of my requirements were completed for the micro-credential.
Small c234421c7e851a2f747a687d53d89e93 gyoriteach Almost 3 years ago

April 1, 2017

Small photo betsey-batten Almost 3 years ago


Small 32687dd49553ca789806744c56e625a2 lwalker82 Almost 3 years ago

February 7th, 2017

Small 9b92df24e3ba3da56a615035dac0ea0d mclark Almost 3 years ago

Completion Date

Small zedha 20firelight mkalowe Almost 3 years ago

completion date

I uploaded the portfolio artifacts on March 9th.  I used the strategy on January 23rd. 
Small 0d7d3a6d60de73753658d6e77d2e67e5 ddp Almost 3 years ago


Finished up this concept on 1/23/17
Small 04a4cc76362e0f5e21e7c0e265eff5fb brennanarney Almost 3 years ago


Small 63e1b9d9a29df5493fb15048cbe5efd5 tweis Almost 3 years ago