Medium sim ce specialist Concept Comparison Routine (SP)

Partner with an active SIM Professional Developer

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Post the name of the SIM Professional Developer who will partner with you in this process.

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Diane Gillam and Patty Grainer

Small capture2 agranata1 7 months ago

Patty G and Diane G

Small img 4298 ashleyhess 9 months ago

Initial Training / December 2018 / Harrisburg PaTTAN

Partnering with Patty Graner & Diane Gillam
Small b4c392ec61e1aa52af2e95a5b9752741 mlheron 10 months ago

Dianne Gillam and Patty Graner

Small 25379975bbd27e507d4b234df55a944d jalicandri 12 months ago

Diane Gillam and Patty Graner

Small selfie kneifer23 12 months ago

Patty Graner and Diane Gillam Dec. 5, 2018

Small 3624eab50596652c7419c964dadb9251 trina683 12 months ago


Diane Gilliam & Patty Graner
Small 17426021 10212962356802900 4809524589284100883 n 1 karinpilarski 12 months ago

Diane Gillam and Patty Graner

Small profile pic loriannhoffman 12 months ago

SIM Professional Developer

My SIM professional developer is Catherine Pace
Small 27ad476edd420b0c3f06d9a54d2f3044 cheri_elliott About 2 years ago

Jan Bulgren has been my guide.

Small f0aff52eac7d9275d999000ec826067f pattygraner About 2 years ago