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Concept Comparison Routine (FI)


Demonstrated competence in instructing a group or class through the co-construction and content instruction using Concept Comparison.


Jill Meacham


Awarded badge on May 9, 2019

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Has successfully demonstrated fidelity of implementation of this SIM Content Enhancement Routine.

  Approved by Helen Barrier, SIM Professional Development Leader.
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Badge Portfolio

1. Partner with an Active SIM PDer or Specialist

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Partner with an Active SIM Professional Developer or Specialist. Post the name of who you will partner with to complete the badge requirements. Visit to search for someone near you or contact for additional names (some people are not publicly listed). More Info

2. Develop a Draft Comparison Table

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Develop and post a draft Comparison Table related to content that predicts the instruction of the content with a group or a class. Follow the Get Ready section to prepare the draft. Practice applying the Linking Steps to develop the draft. Post your draft. More Info

3. Co-Construct and Instruct

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Co-construct and instruct with the Comparison Table using the Cue-Do-Review steps with a group or class. Follow the Get Set section to introduce the Comparison Table to students. More Info

Co- Construct

In our class we had previously used this routine to compare Quadrilaterals and to compare Tax, Tip, and Discount within my class.  During this lesson I compared Equations and Inequalities.  I had previously taught the material so the students were able to recall the similarities and the differences to compare them effectively. 

4. Use the Comparison Table Routinely

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Use the Comparison Table routinely with a group or class. Follow the Go! and Win! sections of the guidebook. More Info

Comparison Table Routine

My co teacher and I have used the comparison routine for several units in our Math 7 class.  We used them to compare the properties of Quadrilaterals, to compare the use of a proportion to solve for Tax, Tip, and Discount, and finally to compare an Equation and Inequalities.  We use the the Math Workshop model in class so we co constructed these routines during the "M" - Meet the Teacher portion of our workshop.  The students seemed to enjoy coming up with the like and unlike characteristics.  

5. Submit Implementation Portfolio

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Describe: •Group/Student (size, level, student characteristics, etc.) •Length of implementation (days, weeks, months, amount of time per day, days per week, etc.) Include artifacts: •Your draft and final devices •Student devices without student names (HALO) •Post your implementation portfolio More Info


My co teacher and I taught this lesson to our collaborative Math 7 class.  There are 24 students with 10 who are identified as needing special education services with an IEP.  We were able to teach this lesson during our Math Workshop.  We had them complete the Concept Comparison during the Meet the Teacher portion of our day.  This consists of a small group of 6 students that rotate to us for individualized instruction. 

6. Submit a Log

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Log: •What went well - Why? •What was a challenge - Why? •What you will do next time •What adjustments you made •Ideas generated for issues encountered •Etc._Post your log._*****Optional: Submit a Student Interview (interview a student about usefulness and implementation)***** More Info


I really felt these lessons with the Concept Comparison Routines went well.  The students really enjoyed using these and we kept them in our folders as reference if our students needed them for classwork, quizzes, or tests.  I felt that these routines helped to pull concepts together in my Math 7 class.  

7. Engage with SIM Professional Developer

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Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up. More Info

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8. Video and/or Observation

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Be observed by your professional developer in person or by video conducting the Concept Comparison Routine, using the Cue-Do-Review process. Post the Cue-Do-Review Checklist from your professional developer. More Info

9. Completion Date

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Post the date you completed the requirements for this micro-credential, click the "Request Feedback" button when you're through. More Info