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Use the Comparison Table Routinely

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Use the Comparison Table routinely with a group or class. Follow the Go! and Win! sections of the guidebook.

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Assessment co-constructed comparison tables and implementation checklist.

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Documents of for the Concept Comparison Table.

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Types of triangles comparison table device checklist

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Types of Triangles Comparison Table

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Routine Use

Although I have no access to students, I feel this routine would be highly valuable for teachers and students as it requires deeper thought than a Venn Diagram and is better formatted.  
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Concept Comparison Triangles

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Using the Concept Comparison Table

If I were still teaching in a classroom, I would incorporate the use of Concept Comparison with various other Content Enhancement Routines, such as FRAME and Unit Organizer. I believe the Concept Comparison routine helps all students consider concepts that are similar, but have key differences, in an organized manner. Furthermore, I believe this would help students clarify their understanding of concepts they often get confused because of the minor, but key, details. I would also encourage my students to refer to the routine as they complete tasks throughout the given unit as well as utilize it as a study tool for future assessments.

In my current position as a secondary coach, I would introduce this routine to teachers incorporating Content Enhancement Routines into their classroom and have the discussion of when it is appropriate to use this routine with students based on the content. I would also encourage them to use this routine anytime students are asked to compare/contrast concepts within their specific content area; this will increase student familiarity with the routine and may lead to them using this informally in other content areas (if their teacher is not using this routine as well).
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Using routinely

The comparison table is a great tool to use with a group of student or individually.  I have used this table with my daughter routinely to study for a few tests throughout the school year. She has been able to remember the different tribes and what attributes each has.  Great tool
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This is our evidence.

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I created a Comparison Table to examine the overall concept of progress monitoring.


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The Comparison table starts on slide 7.