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Demonstrate Implementation with Fidelity

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Earn the Fidelity of Implementation Credential or post evidence of Fidelity of Implementation here.Earn the Fidelity of Implementation Credential or post evidence of Fidelity of Implementation here (Draft Device, Co-Construct & Instruct, Use Routinely, Portfolio, Log, and Video).

Required Evidence:

Develop a Draft Anchoring Table

Develop and post a draft Anchoring Table related to content that predicts the instruction of the content with a group or a class. Follow the Get Ready section to prepare the draft. Practice applying the Linking Steps to develop the draft. Post your draft.

Co-Construct and Instruct

Co-construct and instruct with the Anchoring Table using the Cue-Do-Review steps with a group or class. Follow the Get Set section to introduce the Anchoring Table to students.

Use the Anchoring Table Routinely

Use the Anchoring Table routinely with a group or class. Follow the Go! and Win! sections of the guidebook.

Submit Implementation Portfolio

Describe: •Group/Student (size, level, student characteristics, etc.) •Length of implementation (days, weeks, months, amount of time per day, days per week, etc.) Include artifacts: •Your draft and final devices •Student devices without student names (HALO) •Post your implementation portfolio

Submit a Log

Log: What went well - Why? What was a challenge - Why? What you will do next time What adjustments you made Ideas generated for issues encountered Etc. Post your log.

Submit a Video

Submit video to your professional developer that supports your competence. Show yourself conducting the Concept Anchoring Routine, using the Cue-Do-Review process.   

If you would like to post your video to your credential (by posting a link to your video from Vimeo, YouTube, or another video hosting site) ensure that all permissions are in place or privacy settings are activated.  Posted video will be viewable by anyone who views this credential.  More than one video may be submitted to your professional developer for feedback or posted to your credential.  The video should show the Cue-Do-Review process.   Follow the Cue-Do-Review process outlined in the Cue-Do-Review Checklist. 

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