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7. Engage with SIM Professional Developer

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Tell us about your coaching feedback and follow up.

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Small f661f2c97b91ae4bfe7f173bcda1c09d jgwaltney Over 2 years ago

See below.

We spoke with Morri Pace several times throughout our planning and implementation of both frameworks. She was helpful in providing guidance and examples on what to do, modify, use as an alternative, etc.
Small d5f29d51bbad6f0ffb3a865755bf8d92 lisadilorenzo Over 2 years ago

See below:

We spoke with Morri Pace often throughout this process- planning, implementation, follow up. She was great in giving guidance and examples for what to do, modify, alternatives to next time. 
Small 2b allisonold7 Over 2 years ago