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Clarifying Routine (SP)


Earned through demonstration of fidelity of implementation/competence in instructing a teacher to use the Clarifying Routine with students.


Brennan Arney


Joined badge on May 4, 2017

Requested feedback on May 4, 2017

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Feedback requested May 4, 2017 Requested 5/4/17

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Partner with an active SIM Professional Developer

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Teamed with Virginia Justus

I teamed with Virginia Justus, my co-teaching partner, to present training to the other 6th grade co-teaching team in 6th grade math.

Demonstrate Implementation with Fidelity

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Instruct a Teacher

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Math 6 co-teaching team

We presented the Concept Mastery Routine to Christina Taylor and Kristin Lowe.  They are another Math 6 co-teaching team in our building.

Describe your Instruction

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Math 6 co-teaching team

We presented the graphic organizer to our fellow math 6 teaching team. We had talked about the graphic organizer before to them when we used it with our class on several occasions.  We gave them the book to review prior to our meeting.  After discussing and presenting examples, they decided to complete their example using the concept of properties.  They learned quickly.  The routine did not present any real challenges.  We had a good discussion regarding the always and sometimes  concepts.  We put our heads together and came up with the solution that we all agreed upon.  

Describe Implementation

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The routine was presented to the students as a review before their test on properties.  The students were very receptive to the new concept.  It was a great tool to use for review.  I was excited to see how well the students responded to the new graphic organizer.

Completion Date

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Completed on 4/28/2017

The routine was completed on 4/28/2017