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You have installed and/or made an account on a right-fit screencasting tool and created a storyboard and script for your flipped lesson.

Required Evidence

Action Shot (5 min)

Upload a screenshot of your installed or enrolled screencasting tool IN ACTION! More Info

Prep Step (30 min)

Composing a story board prior to creating your flipped lesson helps keep you on track and eliminates distractions while you're recording. Create a story board of a 5-minute flipped lesson using Google Drawings, Adobe Sketch, or another mind-mapping or sketch tool. More Info

Prep Step (25 min)

It's also helpful to have an outline or script of the content ready to go before recording. Create an outline or script of a 5-minute flipped lesson in the space below. You might want to compose it in a word-processing app and paste it here so you can easily refer to it in the next task. More Info

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