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You have demonstrated an understanding of flipped instruction pedagogy & found the right-fit platform for screencasting.

Required Evidence

Summarize (10 min)

What is flipped learning? Visit this link and write a brief summary of the instructional model. ( More Info

Reflect (15 min)

Watch one of the video segments found here (, and describe 1 "ah-hah" moment you had while viewing it. More Info

Apply (25 min)

Listen to this 10 minute podcast: “I Wasn’t Going to Drink the Flipped Class Kool-Aid, Then One Day…” ( Thinking about Matthew Moore’s story, what will your first steps be in flipped your classroom? What problem(s) will you address by flipped your instruction? More Info

Toolbox Link (10 min)

Visit any of these sites to find the right-fit flipped instruction tool. 1. 2. 3. Think: What devices do you teach best from? What devices will your students use to view your flipped lessons? What platforms are you already familiar with More Info

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