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Digital Citizenship - 2 Prototype Public

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Develop effective digital literacy instruction to help students develop the skills to analyze and understand messages in new media.

Required Evidence

Investigate to integrate (30 min)

Everyone approaches digital citizenship differently. Many teach it as a separate unit, often as part of health or character ed classes. Please read the following article ( on how it can be woven into your instruction. Create an infographic on 3 other ways to do so in your class. More Info

Tools Sandbox Selection ( 20 min)

Please review the EdTechTeacher website section on "What do you want your students to do?" Select a topic of interest for your students to create a product that analyzes the messages in popular media. More Info

Create a Learning Opportunity (35 min)

After choosing some tools from the sandbox, modify a lesson from the following grade level lesson flow list to make it relevant for your classroom. ( ) More Info

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