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Find out what digital citizenship is, how to guide students to use the latest technologies, tools and resource to become model Digi Citizens

Required Evidence

Summarize (10 min)

What is Digital Citizenship? Please review this the ISTE standards for students (, teachers ( and write a summary on the simarities between the two. More Info

Reflect (15 min)

View this video on the "Top 3 Challenges of Teaching Digital Citizenship" ( and write about how these challenges are similar or different than what you are experiencing. More Info

Apply (35 min)

Check out Common Sense Media's Scope & Sequence ( ) for your grade span and select one lesson per topic that will help you introduce Digital Citizenship to your class and tell us why you choose them specifically for your class. More Info

Tools Sandbox (20 min)

Soo many tools and resources and so little time. Review some great curated resources for your grade level span and see how they can be integrated into your daily instruction. ( More Info

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