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How has this book impacted your teaching or leadership style? What's your "golden nugget?" (Brief explanation)

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#KidsDeserveIt was a wonderful read. Must remember to stay positive throughout the year.

Kids Deserve It was a quick read.  My biggest take away is to remember to put my students first when it comes to making decisions at my school site. I need to remain focused and positive during this transition year.  I am going to push myself to not only develop deep relationships with my students, but their families as well.
Small 3127 redwood Almost 2 years ago

A book with words that inspire, empower and validate purpose in what you do as strong leaders.

This book has impacted my leadership style by validating the purpose I have set for my self and my campus... delivering the message that we are all learners in the process of doing what is best for kids in any circumstance. From building strong relationships to creating a culture of trust and value setting the tone that kids matter along side with student voice. We do what we do because we are changing the game and getting better...after all better is better! 
Small image mangu2016 Almost 2 years ago