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TT 8: PTC Twitter- Level 1 Public

Peconic Teacher Center

Twitter is a social media tool & a great source of PD & collaboration for your personal learning network. Posts are up to 280 characters.

Required Evidence

Create a Twitter Account

[1] Create an account at [2] Choose a handle-wisely! See note! [3] Craft your bio-what do you want people to know about you [4] Choose a profile pic-don’t remain as a ‘gray silhouette’ [5] Go ahead and add a Header Photo while you’re at it [6] Upload snapshot of your Profile page More Info

Be a Follower

[1] Follow @kanderson_kelly, your district or school, & 1 colleague [2] Next explore people the above people are following and follow at least 1 from each so you are now following at least 10 people [3] As evidence, upload the link to your Twitter Profile More Info

Tweet it Out

[1] Create a new Tweet [2] Not sure what to say? Try “This is my 1st Tweet!” [3] Include #PTCBadges [4] Tag @kanderson_kelly, in your tweet [5] Upload snapshot of your published tweet More Info

Badge Experts

Badge Learners