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Blended Learning 13: Executive Function Public

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After completing this badge, learners will describe multiple ways to promote improved executive function in their students.

Required Evidence

Quicktopic Contribution

After carefully reviewing the resources, contribute to the Quicktopic by describing 3 ways that you will support students' executive functioning. Take a snapshot of your response and submit. More Info

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1) Read the Blog by Nancy Sulla of IDE Corp., “Executive Function is the Key to Student Achievement”
2) Watch the video from IDE Corp., “
3) Explore the resources in this Edutopia article, What’s Executive Function and Why Does it Matter”
4) Look over the UHS Modules at

 Badge Evidence

After carefully examining the resources above, go to the Quicktopic at, and describe three ways that you will support your students’ executive functioning. Take a snapshot of your comments and submit as evidence of your learning for this badge. In your Quicktopic response please be sure to:
  • Introduce the badge and topic you are discussing. For example, “For Blended Learning 13, there are many ways to support students’ executive function.” 
  • Be sure to specifically reference each of the resources.
  • Comment on at least one other post (unless you are the first respondent on the topic.)

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