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Jorge Monjaras Capstone

My Capstone Portfolio
Small image1 nutandwell Almost 3 years ago


Small 20180327 110726 brainandmusic Almost 3 years ago


Small fbb400a4 8594 4bbc 8d70 50c915d27529 brainandmusic2 Almost 3 years ago

e-Portfolio Link

Small img 2135 capstone Almost 3 years ago

This is the correct url link.

Small un guapo gmms_wg Almost 3 years ago

new e portfolio

Small what a gunreform Almost 3 years ago

This is my new site link with the new and improved capstone template. :)


My Profile - Karen Jalife

My Profile
Small img 7378  1 karenjalife Almost 3 years ago

New Eportfolio


Lysette Orozco

My Capstone Portfolio
Small img 7147 1 lysetteorozco Almost 3 years ago



Mirtala Espino

My Capstone Portfolio
Small ec2fcd5cc0d19552649006a584d37e9c mespin67 Almost 3 years ago

I'm done


Sergio Sepulveda Jr.

My Capstone Portfolio
Small lil uzi vert tetris_brain Almost 3 years ago

Here is my e-portfolio.

Small 33b460b77b4c34ce003d4e7eac1930ef depression Almost 3 years ago

Here is me e-protfolio link.

Small img 20180322 wa0002 julissa1 Almost 3 years ago