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Literature Review Instruction

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MUST BE DONE INDIVIDUALLY. Provide proof that you understand the Literature Review process by submitting an APA style essay that includes a cover page, a one-page essay, and a reference page with five references. You must explain a Literature Review.
Your assignment is to carefully read the following five sources then synthesize material from the sources into a coherent, well-written essay (1-page minimum) in which you describe the organization of a literature review. A literature review process, as well as it's organization, should be the focus of your essay.  Use the sources to develop your document and explain the reasoning behind it.  Avoid merely summarizing the sources.  Indicate clearly which sources you are drawing from, whether it is through direct inline quoting, paraphrase or summary.  You may cite the sources as Source A, Source B. etc., or by using the prescriptions in the parentheses. 
the five sources are found at....

3 of these sample lit. reviews are from the UWF and one of them is from UTRGV.  There is also a reference to a web-page from UWF that explains the literature review.  Your goal is to write a one page summary of what the makeup or organization entails. What similarities do all 4 sample lit reviews have? What are the parts of a literature review?

Source A (Yager)
Source B (Maxwell)
Source C (Little)
Source D (Perez-Jimenez)
Source E (UWF)  webpage guide