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This badge is awarded to anyone who has organized a conference that issues #openbadges. Check out the *badge overview* below for insights.

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Badge Overview

Open Badges are a great tool for building engagement between presenters, attendees and sponsors at a conference. By issuing Open Badges you start a conversation between conference-goers that will continue after your conference ends.

Here are a couple of ideas for using Open Badges to generate excitement during and after your conference. If you'd like to talk more or need any additional info email! Join the badge and I'll do a free 20 minute consulting session with you on building Open Badges for your next conference.

Badges for Conference Attendees
    1. Tweet about it: One great way to keep conference-goers connected both during and after the conference is to engage with them on twitter. Build a badge with one requirement: "Tweet about it." Have conference-goers link to or embed their tweet in the evidence section to earn the badge.  You can link to this badge on Twitter to draw attention to it!  Check out the Digital CPA badge for an example.
    2. Just show up: If you want to award a badge to people just for attending one or more sessions, you can invite them to the badge by email and ask them to give feedback on a session, or just award it via email to anyone who has registered for the conference.
Badges for Presenters
    1. Post your notes: Conference organizers have successfully created an archive of presentations and discussion by asking the presenters to post their speaking notes or slide decks in order to earn the badge. This also allows attendees to look at the notes later, and presenters love it because they can hear discussion and feedback about their talk. Check out the great posts from GlobalEdCon in
    2. Post a video or audio recording: If your conference is making recordings of each session, you can have presenters include their recording in order to earn the badge. This creates another way for conference-goers to engage with each other during and after the conference.
Badges by and for Sponsors
    1. Award badges to all sponsors: Making sure your sponsors are happy is one key to continued success and growth. By offering badges to your sponsors that they can share on social media you help them to promote themselves and their contributions to your event.
    2. Allow sponsors to award badges: True engagement between sponsors and conference-goers happens when sponsors can reward specific activities such as visiting a booth or exhibit or attending a special session.  Offering to build badges for your sponsors could be a great perk for supporting your conference.

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