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OpenWorm Github Best Practices Expert


Demonstrated expertise with the use of Github in the OpenWorm organization.


Neil Shah


Awarded badge on November 13, 2016

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Great job!

Looks good! Badge awarded. The actual git pull request will eventually be reviewed by one of the guys maintaining the website, and there should not be a problem accepting it!
Small f7c546e346f4b9e31efe4fad3148d166 nshah About 4 years ago

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1. Please follow the instructions on the document - 2. Post the link to the Pull Request after Step 9. More Info

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For OpenWorm Github Best Practices Badge by shah-n · Pull Request #89 · openworm/

This pull request is part of the process of earning a Github Best Practices Badge.

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Make a screenshot of your Pull Request after Step 9. More Info

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