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OpenWorm Github Best Practices Expert


Demonstrated expertise with the use of Github in the OpenWorm organization.


Gopal Sarma


Awarded badge on March 5, 2018

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Endorsements & Feedback


Looks great! Apologies for the delay awarding the badge!

Looks great! Sorry about the delay awarding the badge. I had just realized this is an HCI issue with Badge List. It does not warn people that they had not requested for Feedback after all evidence is submitted. I'll let the Badge List guys know about this.

Next time please make a "Request for Feedback" upon completion of evidence. That will cause Badge List to trigger notifications to members of the community who are allowed to award the badge to you! Sorry about that! :)
Small gopal sarma photograph gsarmaworm Over 2 years ago

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Evidence: Follow Tutorial and Instructions

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1. Please follow the instructions on the document - 2. Post the link to the Pull Request after Step 9. More Info

Evidence: Screenshot

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Make a screenshot of your Pull Request after Step 9. More Info

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