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OpenWorm Github Best Practices Expert


Demonstrated expertise with the use of Github in the OpenWorm organization.


Chee Wai Lee


Awarded badge on September 22, 2016

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Great job!

Small standardprofile cheewai1972 About 4 years ago

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Evidence: Follow Tutorial and Instructions

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1. Please follow the instructions on the document - 2. Post the link to the Pull Request after Step 9. More Info

My OpenWorm Github Best Practices pull request for changes to my contributor entry.


For OpenWorm Github Best Practices Badge by cheelee · Pull Request #77 · openworm/

Part of the process of earning a (future) Github Best Practices Badge. In my case it is a harmless additional comment. New contributors not on the list will add an actual entry into the list. Futu...

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Make a screenshot of your Pull Request after Step 9. More Info