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OpenWorm Github Best Practices Expert


Demonstrated expertise with the use of Github in the OpenWorm organization.


Arnab Banerjee


Awarded badge on March 5, 2018

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Looks Great!

Looks good! And I just realized this is a HCI issue with Badge List. Found another individual who thought he had completed evidence for this badge, only to remain ignored because he had not submitted a request for Feedback. I'll have to bring this up with the Badge List guys, and hunt down all the poor people who thought they had completed their badge but never received their just rewards.
Small ff231aac953cbe8428c15823fffdc063 arnab1896 Over 2 years ago

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Evidence: Follow Tutorial and Instructions

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1. Please follow the instructions on the document - 2. Post the link to the Pull Request after Step 9. More Info

Evidence: Screenshot

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Make a screenshot of your Pull Request after Step 9. More Info