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OpenWorm Simulation Stack Apprentice


Installed Docker. Demonstrated familiarity with using OpenWorm's suite of simulation tools on the Docker virtual environment.


Arnab Banerjee


Awarded badge on March 5, 2018

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Looks good!

Great job! And by the way next time when you have completed the evidence for a badge, submit a "request for feedback" which will trigger notifications to members of the community authorized to award you the badge :). You don't actually have to contact specific people directly to get the badge awarded, Badge List will do that for you on a Feedback Request.
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Use Docker Tools

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Install Docker on your machine. Follow the documentation instructions ( to produce output. Upload image file worm_motion_1.png that got generated in the output folder. More Info

Minor Parameter Changes

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Run the simulation for twice as long (30ms) as described in the documentation ( Upload the new worm_motion_1.png image generated in the new output folder. More Info