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Google Slides is an online presentation editor that lets you create and format visual presentations collaboratively with others.

Required Evidence

Create and share

[1] Title the presentation ‘Slides Badge-First/Last Name’ [2] Change the Share settings of the slides file to ‘On-Anyone with the link’ can comment [3] Paste the link More Info

Theme and format

[1] On the title slide, type your name as the title [2] Choose a theme that is appealing to you [3] Insert 3 more slides, each with a different format [4] Explore Fonts, Word Art, and Shapes and add something to each of the 3 slides [5] Upload snapshot of the left sidebar with slide thumbnails More Info

Insert image

[1] Explore the various sources to insert images from [2] Choose 2 different sources and insert 2 different images of your choice on any slides [3] Upload snapshot of the images you’ve inserted More Info

Insert link

[1] Write the text: “G Suite Learning Center-Slides” [2] Insert the link, to the text ‘G Suite Learning Center- Slides’ that you just wrote [3] Upload snapshot of the link you’ve inserted More Info

Explore the Explore Tool

[1] Click one of your slides [2] Use the Explore Tool and choose a new way of displaying that slide [3] As evidence, tell 1 way you envision using Slides to help students and/or colleagues create excellent visual presentations More Info

Badge Experts

Badge Learners