NSCSD Google Forms Public


With Google Forms you can create & analyze surveys, plan events, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an streamlined way.

Required Evidence

Create a new Google Form

[1] Name the form ‘Forms Badge-First/Last Name’ [2] Choose a topic/audience and create a Form description [3] Send the form as a link [4] Paste the link More Info


[1] Settings gear-customize with options in General & Presentation windows [2] Click Color Palette & explore the look with various color options [3] Click the image icon & explore themes [4] Upload your own photo as header [5] As evidence, write a tip for making uploading a photo as a header easier More Info

Write questions

[1] Write 1 multiple choice grid question [2] Write at least 4 more questions each using a different format (ie, short answer, checkboxes, multiple choice, etc) [3] Choose 1 question to add image or add video to [4] As evidence, write how you plan to use Google Forms with students and/or colleag More Info

Send the form as email

[1] Send via Email to sknapp@nscsd.org and at least 2 other people [2] Include Subject and Message [3] Upload a snapshot of the Send Form window before clicking Send More Info

View your Responses

[1] Set option to Get email notifications for new responses [2] View your Responses after people have submitted their results [3] As evidence, write 2 things you notice about how the different question formats display the results More Info

Badge Experts

Badge Learners