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NSCSD Google Drive Public


Google Drive is used to store and organize all of your files.

Required Evidence

Create and customize

[1] Create and name a new folder ‘Drive Badge-First/Last Name’ [2] Change the color [3] Add a star [4] Upload snapshot of the folder you’ve created More Info

Upload a file

[1] Choose something you’ve already created in Word on your desktop or thumbdrive [2] Upload the new file to your new folder, ‘Drive Badge-First/Last Name’ [3] Answer the question: Did the Word file convert to a Google Doc without any changes to the original? Describe what happened. More Info

Share the folder

[1] Change the Share settings of the folder, ‘Drive Badge-First/Last Name’, to ‘On-Anyone with the link’ can view [2] Paste the link More Info

Search in Shared with me

[1] Email with subject "Earning Google Drive Badge" [2] Search your Shared with me for the Text Document with the word ‘Hello’ in the title [3] When you find it, write your name on the page [4] Upload a snapshot of the doc with your name on it More Info

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