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Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format documents collaboratively with people.

Required Evidence

Create a new Google Doc

[1] Name the doc ‘Docs Badge-First/Last Name’ [2] Change the Share settings of the doc to ‘On-Anyone with the link’ can comment [3] Paste the link More Info

Write and comment

[1] In your doc, write one new thing you’ve learned about Google Drive [2] Highlight the text and Add a comment that tells the difference between Commenting, Suggesting, and Editing in Docs [3] As evidence, tell 2 ways you envision using these tools to increase collaboration with students or colleag More Info

Insert image

[1] Explore the various sources to insert images from [2] Choose 2 different sources and insert 2 different images of your choice [3] Upload snapshot of the images you’ve inserted More Info

Insert link

[1] Write the text: “Check out the NSCSD Badges page!” [2] Insert the link , to the text ‘NSCSD Badges’ that you just wrote [3] Upload screenshot of the link you’ve inserted More Info

Explore the Voice Typing Tool

Click on Tools>Voice Typing and allow your microphone. Speak to type and end your sentence with "period, new line". Describe a student or students who may benefit from this tool. More Info

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