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MiniScript Neophyte Public


Demonstrated ability to run MiniScript code on the web.

Required Evidence

Screen shot of "Hello World" program

Use the MiniScript Try-It! page to create a program that prints "Hello World!" 10 times (on 10 different lines of output), using no more than 3 lines of code. Submit a screen shot showing both the code and the output. More Info

Badge Overview

Hello, MiniScript!

MiniScript is a simple and elegant scripting language suitable for learning, teaching, embedding in other software, or just putting the joy back into programming.  Learn more at:
You can run small MiniScript programs right on the web at the Try-It! page:

Use that (and the tutorial which you'll find right below the code on that same page) to craft a program that prints "Hello World" ten times, once per line.  Use a loop so that this requires only 3 lines of code.  Submit a screen shot showing your success, and earn your first MiniScript badge!

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Zach Strout


Badge awarded on 12/14/19

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