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Get em hooked


  • March 20, 2014 at 1:13 PM
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When I was in college I lived with my best friend Nick.  We lived in a sweet apartment in Pacific Beach, and we had a lot of extra time to spend on chillaxing.  I started painting Warhammer miniatures in High School, and by college I was spending more time doing that than playing Magic.  I brought my cards to San Diego to trade them in for Warhammer miniatures.  The night before I was going to sell my cards, my friend Alex came over and said "Sweet! Magic cards! We should play."  Alex and I build a couple of quick decks while Nick watched us.  After 2 games Nick goes "This looks pretty cool.  Can I try?"  "Of course!" I said.  Nick shuffled up and drew seven, and Alex explained to him how to cast spells, while I played some elves.  Nick caught on pretty quickly, but the most important thing was that I neglected to cast my big 6 drop bomb.  Instead I gave him a couple extra turns, and he was able to pull out the W.

He was hooked instantly.  I would have gone to sell my cards the next day, but by the time I was out of bed, Nick had already been to the game store and was busy building his first deck!  I guess I got hooked again as well because we spend hundreds of hours playing magic in that house.  Maybe the person I really hooked was myself!