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Giving cards you don't need to new players is one of the very best ways to keep people engaged in magic.  Tell about the time you gave your bulk rares to a kid at your local game store, or about the time you hooked someone up with the last staple they need to complete their first standard deck.  Sharing cards you don't really need feels great!

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I have given a lot of magic cards away in my time.  I have given some to cousins, to friends, kids at the local game store who are just getting started, but this most recent story is my favorite. 

There is a woman at the game store who just learned to play magic a few months ago and only plays modern.  She is stoked on the game and is getting good.  A couple weeks ago I went to the LGS to play modern, but it turned out it was Born of the Gods game day.  She only had a modern deck, but wanted to play magic.  She bought an event deck and as she was sleeving it up I walked over and asked if she wanted to borrow anything from my binder to spice up the event deck.  She ended up selecting a couple of Fabled Heroes and Angelic Skirmishers.

After the tournament she walked over to return the cards.
"Thanks" she said "Your cards definitely won me a couple of games.  I had a lot of fun today.  I really appreciate it. Here are your cards back."

"You know what?" I said "I want you to keep those.  Standard is a fun format, especially if you have a good deck.  You should come play Standard next week too."

"Awesome" she said "I might just do that."
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