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Tell us about the time you got taught someone magic and they were immediately hooked.  Help teach other magic players how to become ambassadors by spreading the love of the game.  Share tips for getting people hooked like "Always let them win the first game" and "use core set cards to keep things simple at first."

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When I was in college I lived with my best friend Nick.  We lived in a sweet apartment in Pacific Beach, and we had a lot of extra time to spend on chillaxing.  I started painting Warhammer miniatures in High School, and by college I was spending more time doing that than playing Magic.  I brought my cards to San Diego to trade them in for Warhammer miniatures.  The night before I was going to sell my cards, my friend Alex came over and said "Sweet! Magic cards! We should play."  Alex and I build a couple of quick decks while Nick watched us.  After 2 games Nick goes "This looks pretty cool.  Can I try?"  "Of course!" I said.  Nick shuffled up and drew seven, and Alex explained to him how to cast spells, while I played some elves.  Nick caught on pretty quickly, but the most important thing was that I neglected to cast my big 6 drop bomb.  Instead I gave him a couple extra turns, and he was able to pull out the W.

He was hooked instantly.  I would have gone to sell my cards the next day, but by the time I was out of bed, Nick had already been to the game store and was busy building his first deck!  I guess I got hooked again as well because we spend hundreds of hours playing magic in that house.  Maybe the person I really hooked was myself!
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