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Magic the Gathering Community

This badge is awarded to people who have demonstrated a commitment to supporting and expanding the Magic Community.

Required Evidence

Badge Overview

Earn the badge and get a custom foil Emblem for your collection!

When you are awarded this badge you will get a sweet custom made FOIL "Magic Community Ambassador" Emblem. The Emblem says "Magic Community Ambassador:" All rude, unfriendly or discourteous opponents facing you will topdeck the worst cards possible.

Three tasks to complete.

In order to earn the badge you will demonstrate your commitment to the community in 3 ways.
  1. Teach someone to play magic and get them hooked.
  2. Change someone's mind about the game of magic by telling them why you love it.
  3. Give someone who is new to the game some cards you don't need.
To prove you have done all these things you need to tell us the story about it in your progress log.
Just go into each of the topic pages below and click "new post" to add your story about that time you made the magic happen.
See the topic list below for more information on each of the required tasks.
Also, feel free to look at other people's entries for inspiration.

Badge Ambassadors


Ben Roome


Created badge on 3/20/14

Badge Magic Players


Cole O'Brien


Joined badge on 3/21/14

Mason Brock


Joined badge on 3/25/14

Nick Silva


Joined badge on 3/20/14