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Blog post about the #MDSUMMIT15 and the biggest opportunity for CPAs


The biggest opportunity for CPAs #MDSUMMIT15

The headlines of a recent WSJ article say it all, "Small Firms Shift Toward Cloud-Based Software." The article goes onto say that eighty-five percent of small business are planning to increase their spending on software in the next five years. The reason is better data to manage their businesses, mobile applications, and new ways to engage and serve their customers.
Small 113fb897a7588036d74ea507a35619a4 thoodcpa Over 5 years ago

A preview of Ari Balogh's #MDSummit15 keynote address

The Business Learning Institute (BLI)

In a high-tech world, trust is still the key

We hear it all the time: "Technology is changing everything." Nothing could be further from the truth. Granted, technology is changing a lot of things. A key example: It's automating and commoditizing a lot of the core transactional services that CPAs have relied upon for decades.
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