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Andrew Hood on Twitter

Very interesting insight on collaborative economy @pliyp @MACPA @BLIonline ...
Small b220c2ccf8ac182cf438a829cd655e8e hood About 5 years ago

From the @blionline post about Ari Balogh from Google and the importance of Trust...


Tom Hood on Twitter

@Bli_Nano The future is all about TRUST from Ari Balogh @google
Small 113fb897a7588036d74ea507a35619a4 thoodcpa About 5 years ago

A tweet about Ari Balogh's #MDSummit15 keynote.


Bill Sheridan on Twitter

Great thoughts from Ari Balogh on how technology can help us build deeper relationships. #MDSummit15 ...
Small 6aac798968d90c766770eb8b7ff134dc billsheridan About 5 years ago

@Bli_nano is a cool tool to build skills


Brandon Allfrey on Twitter

Excited to use @BLI_Nano for skill building in myself and in my teams. #MDSUMMIT15
Small 9380e52a80e032e5afb8365102209110 brandonallfrey About 5 years ago

Posted tweet re @BLI_Nano


Joselin R Martin on Twitter

Learning about digital badges for @Bli_Nano at #mdsummit15
Small 0b35cc4ea7fabf2c2026d062b412fa15 jr_martin About 5 years ago