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Amanda Wolfe


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Great job improving the collection, entry, and quality of the data for MAS
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LMAS wanted to know where animals were coming from, but there was no standardized way of obtaining that information.

Because LMAS takes animals from all over the county and circumstances from each intake are different it was difficult to pin down where each animal originated. For owner surrenders, it is possible to use the owners address in the person profile, but for strays they could be found anywhere in the county. Not only was identifying the location a problem, but different employees were using different formats to enter locations from addresses to cross streets. We utilized an unused field in chameleon and created an SOP to standardize not only where the information was entered in the software, but the format as well. 

This is the list of animals taken in by LMAS and their outcomes.


Louisville Metro Open Data

Animal ID - A generated unique identification when an animal's information is stored in the Chameleon Data Base Animal Type - Type of animal Intake Date - The date that the animal arrives at Metro Animal Services Intake Type - The reason the animal is at Metro Animal Services Intake