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Use crowdsourcing in a project

Collected public input for the Brookings Global Cities Initiative--Global Identity Project

  • July 26, 2018 at 1:35 PM
  • Visible to public
As an extension of Louisville's partnership with the Brookings Institution, Louisville Forward is participating in the Global Identity Project. The goal of the project is to identify a distinctive identity for the city of Louisville that can used to inform and coordinate marketing and promotional efforts across the full range of Louisville's economic, governmental, and civil society sectors. 

Our process for identifying that identity has been multifaceted and has relied on public input throughout. Examples include focus groups ("Advisory Group") that have discussed aspects of the project in great detail, public outreach (setting up tables at community events to elicit spontaneous input), and small group sessions to do deep dives on narrow elements requiring further understanding. 

In addition to participation in all advisory group and public outreach sessions to date, I also organized and executed a public outreach session in tandem with Develop Louisville's 18th Street re-alignment/9th Street redesign public outreach. Follow up included tabulating and producing visualizations of the responses.