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Joshua Watkins


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Project Manager for Tolemi's Building Block work which has automated several key data sets for The Vacant & Public Property Administration.

Prior to our four (4) year engagement with Tolemi (formerly known as Opportunity Space), our division had very little insight on how to monitor the performance of our programs. The lack of efficient data and an organized platform to analyze this resulted in mediocre property sales for several years.  Through our engagement with Tolemi, we were able to utilize Open Data and track information such as property sales, foreclosures, demolitions and transfer that information onto their web-based GIS platform.  I worked with Tolemi as a divisional Sharepoint Administrator and GIS Analyst to ensure the accuracy of the information.  We have since automated all of the data sets aforementioned and have create programming in response to information discovered through its analysis.  Last year our sales jumped up 203% through the creation of a vacant home sales program called Last Look.