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Work to automate some process in the data life cycle- from data collection to data visualization.


Jorge Felico


Awarded badge on December 15, 2017

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Wow great work!

That's an awesome example and really good explanation. Thanks for making Metro better!
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Automated dataset pull for OMB and gave them a great looking interface to search through the data.

Some of this is private so I will be very vague with the explanation. OMB needed a way to look through a dataset... The problem is that the dataset was being provided as a TXT file in an FTP server, so they would have to manually connect via FTP and download the file, and open it up with excel. I created a cron job that runs a bash script that I wrote from scratch to connect to the FTP, download the newest file, save it to a particular directory, and then do a CURL request to a particular website that then consumes the TXT file, parses it and inserts it into a database. OMB is then able to log in to the website that I created for this and search through the data in order to perform one of their daily tasks. Also, this web application will also be used by Codes and Regulations :). If anyone working for Louisville Metro would like to see this web application, as well as the cron job, contact me for a demo.