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Work to automate some process in the data life cycle- from data collection to data visualization.


Dante Saint-Germain


Awarded badge on February 28, 2018

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Nice work!

So you were able to learn Python enough to do this and incorporate geocoding?  What did you use for your geocoder?  We should get your code added to the Github site.  Feel free to email it to me and I can add it, or let me know if you have Git account already.  Great job!
Small dante head shot2 dstgermain Over 2 years ago

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Wrote short Arcpy script to automate the updating of a map

There is a map that is used in PDS to display short term rental registrations which needs to be periodically updated.  I wrote a short Arcpy script that pulls the new data, geocodes it, and updates the source shapefiles.  I realize that this is kindergarten-level coding but I knew zero Python when I started and I am happy with how it turned out.  It will save the user who maintains the map some tedium.