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Ben Anderson


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Way to go Ben. This is great! Keep up the good automation work. :)
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Automated process of running letter, reports and verifying that all of the letters ran correctly.

Prior to developing this automation, all of our property maintenance letters had to be run by an individual in crystal reports and exported to a pdf daily.  They then had to run another report and manually verify that each letter that should have been included in one of the 7 letter reports was included in that report.  They then had to highlight the missing letters for another staff member to manually fix.  I identified existing but unused functionality in an existing software system (infoview) that allowed us to schedule reports to automatically run and email nightly.  This saved several minutes each day as staff no longer had to wait for each report to run they could just download the pdf from their email in the morning.  I also developed a way to automate the highlighting of the missing letters in the verification report, which saved a staff member a couple hours of time each morning identifying the missing letters and significantly reduced the number of errors that were made in identifying missing letters.  To further reduce staff time spent fixing the errors and running the missing letters individually another report was developed and sent out at the end of each day to all of our property maintenance inspectors letting them know about inspections that were missing the close log stop time which was one of the primary drivers of missing letters.  This automated report allowed the records to be corrected same day and prior to the letter reports running further reducing the number of errors and the time taken to identify and correct our letters daily