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Meta cognitive reflection

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How will you be a better practicing social worker after earning this badge
 After you have received this badge you should be a better practicing  intern  with communication between people with the potential in  a  field in the medical/ social  department. 

What are you hoping to learn about in this badge that may be helpful outside of school/classes?

Identifying the SkillsWhat were the goals of this badge? What knowledge, new and/or old, did you use to achieve the goals of the badge?
Self MonitoringHow did you know you were successful in the task?
Strategy SelectionExplain the strategies you used to be successful on each part of the task (example: how you decided which tools to use - instruments or critical thinking tools, proper technique, etc.) If or when a strategy failed identify & explain adjustments made.
Knowledge TransferHow can you apply something you learned earning this badge outside of school, in another class, and/or in another experiment?

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This sections shows how I have grown in certain skills like communication and logical process of elimination.

Through this internship I have learned what it means to effectively communicate information by understanding what a person needs and what is the best way to give it to them. I have also learned that it is very beneficial to set aside your own personal biases and look at the facts presented in order to form a logical conclusion about what happened in an event.
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